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Hey Opportunity, Are You Ready Yet?

In Networking on March 7, 2008 at 8:39 pm


The laws of attraction are powerful tools when we accept that they really exist.

If you are reading this blog and starting to be the action-oriented, open, inquisitive receiver of what the world has to offer you, on your own road called adventure, then one of the biggest lessons that you and I will need along our path is this: opportunity knocks when it is ready!

This past week, as an example, I emailed and reached out to five new people I have never met. The first is the CEO of a Chicago based center for adult learning, another the organizer for a Chicago based council for arts and business. I also sent an email to the new owner of a for profit based learning institution focused on the arts in Chicago, and two other individuals I met briefly at a conference but did not have the time to engage them in conversation during very brief introductions.

Each of these contacts I wrote thoughtfully worded time consuming emails, because I recognize each as offering valuable resources: potentially to collaborate on projects, further both of our missions by in some way having an association, or if nothing more, serving as valuable networking opportunities to make a bigger daisy chain of contacts and networks in our worlds that overlap in some way.

Of the five people I contacted only one, the CEO of the Chicago based center for adult learning, replied.

Now, if you are new to this game called investing in the mission of your soul to build a business, you might find this kind of thing rather discouraging.

However, if you believe in the laws of attraction, instead, you will recognize that your purposeful mission is more valuable, powerful and perhaps, for the moment, waiting.

“Waiting for what” you ask?

Waiting for the right person, at the right time, to open the right door for your mission who will whisk you through it with open arms and embrace your vision as if they were part of your soul.

That is how it works. So keep knocking!

Knock and knock and knock knowing that WHEN the right opportunity is ready for YOU, that door will come flying open and be exactly what you need, in exactly that moment, to make exactly the right next step forward on the road to your adventure.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. If others had your vision, it would already be done and exist. But the cosmos is testing your sincerity and holding for you those cherished opportunities behind a door that you simply have yet to knock on.

So keep knocking, please, keep knocking. The world needs your ideas, vision and talents. Those who do not offer you the resources you need, by not opening their door to you, are simply not part of your journey- yet.


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