Innovating Through Artistry

The Road Called Adventure

In Emotional Intelligence on March 5, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Waiting for your first big break, first paying order or that big chunk of time you need to devote to building your business, is the twisty adventure filled road to your future.

If you see it that way.

And if you do, then you will hone your business ideas with friends daily, make a list of articles, websites and books that will advance your skills, set up lunches and coffee with individuals you have just met who might be of help to you along your journey and follow your yellow brick road until it buckles and changes shape.

Every yellow brick road does.

You see, the path to your best self and highest purpose through a business is not a straight line, nor a solid yellow brick road, but instead a variety of different paths at different times depending on where you are on your journey.

The beauty of the adventure is in gaining confidence that you don’t know what is coming next, but that you are doing something every single day to move towards finding that new road forward, that new contact that can rock your business world into a new shape or that important next step to making your dream real.

If you don’t keep chipping away at your vision daily you will quickly find, just like a close friendship, that your dream, that lead you to a yellow brick road in the first place, quickly will not seem so close to you if you do not invest in it, just like it was someone in your life you truly cared about. While your business cannot speak to you directly, indirectly it will through the contacts you make, friendships around it you build and lives you change with the products and services you sell. It truly will breath and be a life force on to itself that you can walk on, live on and build on, but first you must invest your time in it daily.


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