Innovating Through Artistry June 20-22

In Current Events on March 4, 2008 at 8:15 pm

bob-headshot-1.jpg I met Bob Baker at the Self Employment in the Arts Conference 2008. He is a niche self published author who has done very well writing books. His best selling book is Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook: 201 Self-Promotion Ideas for Song-writers, Musicians and Bands on a Budget. However he has written some other fantastic books including: My Space Music Marketing, Unleash the Artist Within, and Branding Yourself Online.

Bob is a powerhouse of information and has created a one-of-a-kind bootcamp this summer that is a must do if you are serious about making a living in music.

What can you expect to learn?

Dozens of ideas you can use to make money and create multiple streams of income with your music

New music business models to create fan clubs, subscription plans, sponsorships, and more

How to use the secrets of Internet marketing to build a fan base, grow a mailing list, and communicate with your fans in a way that inspires them to support you

Ways to tap into lucrative niche markets you are most likely overlooking right now

How to craft story ideas and PR pitches the music media will love

This two day bootcamp will also offer:
Real networking sessions where you’ll not only be encouraged to network, but you’ll be forced to meet other attendees and figure out creative ways to help each other

Brainstorming sessions where the speakers and groups of attendees come up with rapid-fire ideas for several artists in the room.

A goal-setting plan with fill-in-the-blank forms you can use to craft your own blueprint that will turbo-charge your music career

Two follow-up conference calls with Bob and some of the Bootcamp speakers (one two weeks after the event; another four weeks after) to keep you focused and on track.

For more about this event go to

Here are a few of the guest speakers who will be speaking:

dereksivers-1.jpg Derek Sivers is the founder, president, and programmer of CD Baby and HostBaby. A professional musician since 1987, Derek started CD Baby by accident in 1998, when he was selling his own CD on his web site and offered to let some fellow musicians use the service, too. As this hobby grew, he refused all investors and advertising, choosing to grow slowly and quietly during the dot-com boom and bust.

CD Baby is now the largest seller of independent CDs on the web, with over $60 million in sales for over 200,000 musician clients. Esquire magazine’s annual “Best and Brightest” cover story said, “Derek Sivers is changing the way music is bought and sold … one of the last music-business folk heroes.”

ariel_photo.jpg Ariel Hyatt founded Ariel Publicity nearly 12 years ago. Her New York City-based company has publicized thousands of dates for touring bands, hosted hundreds of special events, and launched countless record release campaigns. An aggressive cheerleader for independent musicians, Ariel Publicity built its reputation by working primarily with indie artists.

In 2007 Ariel transformed her company into a 100% digital service called Cyber PR. The company gets bands exposure on podcasts, Internet radio stations, zines and blogs. Her staff matches artists to specific criteria based on genres (and locations for touring artists). Each campaign comes with an 8-week course on how artists can boost their own careers online and off.

nancyphoto.gif Nancy Moran is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and co-owner of Azalea Music Group. She has released four solo albums, toured from Boston to Austin to Anchorage, and has received radio airplay on over 100 stations across the US and abroad, including XM Satellite Radio. One critic called her “a major creative force to be reckoned with” while another described her as “nothing short of a [modern-day] Joni Mitchell.” She’s a member of the rollicking ensemble The Four Bitchin’ Babes and regularly coaches indie artists and speaks about music marketing, songwriting and creativity.

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