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Which Idea Should I Choose?

In The Idea on February 25, 2008 at 12:24 am

If you are like most artists I know, you have a million and one ideas a day. You see the world with a creative set of eyes, and as a result find, often, many things in your daily life that you can see might be opportunities that lead to starting a business.

And if you are in fact like most artists I know, then you also feel overwhelmed, confused and unclear which of the many ideas that float around in you head are worthy candidates to leverage into a focus and ultimately a business.

Let me suggest a few ways to figure out which are worthy:

#1 Pick out ideas that are attached to a passionate mission, cause or are likely to lead to producing a desired outcome for you.

Of those you place in that group, then:

#2 Pick those ideas that, when you think about how much time, effort or money they will take to develop, don’t scare you off, but instead, you are able to easily justify as being really very doable.

#3 Next, write a list of all the skills you have that are needed to execute whichever ideas are left on your list. If you have 80% of them, then again, those ideas that have made it this far, should remain in the mix.

#4 Lastly, don’t judge the idea, at this point. Regardless of if it has never been done and you might question why, or if it is being done in a million different ways, I suggest you remain judgement free. Instead allow yourself to take this short list of ideas and begin to flesh out each into being.

You see, a good business idea is not about judgments or perfection, but about passion and a willingness to act. Once you have a few ideas that fit your skill sets and strike a chord in your heart, that you are willing to act on, it should be relatively easy to take the next step and begin to write down how to take your idea(s) and shape them into a business.


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