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RISE Austin

In Current Events on February 15, 2008 at 7:28 am

Let your skill sets RISE by attending a conference run by volunteer entrepreneurs for the benefit of developing entrepreneurs in Austin Texas March 4-6, 2008.

There is no better place on earth than Austin, Texas for an entrepreneur to gather the tools they need for success. As a unique intersection of the academic, public and private sectors, Austin has proven itself to be an environment for entrepreneurs to succeed. Austin is home to household names such as Dell Inc, Whole Foods Market, GSD&M-Idea City, Keller Williams, Silicon Labs, SFX Broadcasting, Amy’s Ice Cream and Sweet Leaf Tea, among many others. Austin continues to be a leader in developing top level entrepreneurs who transform their vision into successful businesses that greatly contribute to our local, national and global economy.

Through RISE — A Relationship and Information Series for Entrepreneurs — expertise is exchanged as entrepreneurs from multiple industries and backgrounds connect with each other as well as members of the academic, financial, non-profit, and government sectors to share their experience, challenges and resources.

From March 4-6, aspiring entrepreneurs may attend free RISE Sessions led by successful members of the Austin business community. Unlike a traditional conference, RISE Sessions are limited to 20 participants and take place all over the city in areas where entrepreneurs naturally congregate. From board rooms to coffee shops, from office parks to Zilker Park, entrepreneurs gather to learn, share and recharge.

RISE began in the Spring of 2007, when more than 500 entrepreneurs participated in 40 sessions across the city.

Join the RISE community in 2008 by participating in a RISE Session, attending a RISE event, or telling others you know about the opportunity to connect with expert experience and expertise. This year I am hosting a session for RISE.

Check out this vibrant organization and their mission to help others to excel.

  1. Lisa, let’s meet while you’re in Austin for RISE.

    Under the auspices of UT’s IC2 Institute, I started an effort called AMIGO (the Austin Music Industry Growth Organization — the name contains the aim). It’s benefitted from a lot of good local feedback, and I’d be happy to hear what you think.


    Thanks! 🙂

    — Jim

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