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One Blank Piece of Paper

In Author: Lisa Canning, Creative Support, The Idea on January 18, 2008 at 8:03 pm

What could you create with a single blank piece of paper?

Well, you could write down one fantastic business idea that you have and act on it? Who knows, twenty years from now this one piece of paper may embody one of the most important moments of your life. Are you ready to give your idea a try?

Or maybe you could transform this one blank leaf into a fantastic piece of art, with great commentary built into it, like these artists did.

The following pieces are from an art contest at the Hirshhorn Modern Art Gallery in DC. The rules for the contest were simple: Each artist could use only one sheet of paper to design their piece. No one told them how big that piece of paper could be however…

Check out a few of these delightful works of art.

  1. Not quite the case. One clue is that Hirshhorn is mispelled. The artist is Peter Callesen. See snopes for more info:

  2. Thanks for the comments Louise. I did correct the spelling- While I am curious to know if I was sent this info incorrectly, I too think they are beautiful, and do illuminate well this post. It would be nice, however, to properly credit the right source..

    Here is Peter’s web link

  3. Great stuff, must have had very sharp scissors! Love the cut outs especially the hanging down guy! Did he get back up?

    I sure hope so Martha- that is what it is all about- helping hands…

  4. Do you know if this exhibit will ever go on tour to other museums? The work is so amazing I would love to see it in person someday. Thanks.

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