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small is the new big

In BOOKS: Learn and Grow, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box on January 16, 2008 at 12:52 am

Thanks to best selling business writer Seth Godin’s book small is the new big the world now knows that economic times are ripe for those who niche in business.

Call me ahead of my time or just determined to do what I believe in, but this is not new news to me. I have been “niching” for over twenty years and thriving despite it not being the cool “in” thing to do, as it appears now to be. DO click on to the link I provided for you to Seth Godin’s blog- he makes some very clear points about WHY the economic times are ever so ripe for small business with big ideas to flourish. You won’t need an MBA to understand anything he has to say either.

What a wonderful opportunity this truly is for artists. We have an opportunity to change history and for once be known as a group who financially thrives. For the first time each and everyone of us has the possibility to embrace something we love, niche it, and be on top like the big boys of business. Not to mention that as the 21st century unfolds as the creative economy, according to business writers like Richard Florida, we also have the opportunity to lead in it.

Each of us as artists have something of value that we can offer the world and, like never before, the world is willing, interested and might I dare say even eager to embrace it.. if we only learn how to deliver it.

Surprisingly, it is not your level of intelligence that often holds artists back. Nor is it a gene you are missing. What usually stops most artists from learning to niche and thrive lies instead in your ability to take calculated risks, manage fear and trust your inner voice to guide you instead of beat you up routinely with criticism and self-doubt. We take all those years of lesson, practice, rehearsals and determination to “get it right the first time” only, frankly, to find those disciplines trapping us instead of freeing us.

While most artists I have mentored, taught or worked alongside have great SAT scores and high IQ’s, as a whole, many lack the emotional intelligence needed to flourish. This is what stops most artists from creating a life of endless creative and financial freedom and why this is the subject matter of my first book.

After all, how can you take the first step towards flourishing if you lack the skills to risk, need the know how to manage your fears and are not sure if you should trust the positive inner voice that wants to guide you?

  1. Love that book.

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