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Promises You Can Keep

In Emotional Intelligence on December 31, 2007 at 2:33 pm

Well, it is the eve of the beginning of another new year. I approach this day with a love for reflecting on the past and a bit of trepidation for what I can promise myself can be accomplished in the new year.

What kinds of promises should I be trying to make anyway?

For most of us we make promises, in the form of new years resolutions, because we want to believe we have some- or even a lot- of control over the outcome of the promises we make. We decide what we need, how we will act and where it will lead us because of our promise. We may even choose to create a written timeline for what we promise, making it come and alive and real in our minds by sharing it with our friends and loved one’s. Or we might simply offer up our promises in silence to ourselves, crossing our fingers and hoping for change.

Through any of these rituals of making a promise, the goal is the same- we are trying, in some way, to decide where and how THIS new year will lead us to better ourselves, our lives and create change.

Yet, as I reflect back on 2007, in my own life, I see a lot more curve balls and few straight lines towards my own creative and entrepreneurial progress.

Don’t misunderstand, life has offered me lots of growth and positive change, just not exactly where I thought it would come from. I have found it most often through chance, coincidence, or call it destiny, inside the people and ideas that have sprung into my life without warning, but that have most moved me. Ironically, it has largely not come from those places I have tried with all my planning and will to bring into being.

While we might find solace in these promises we make to ourselves, as we herald in another new year, I think it might be best to find strength, instead, in reflecting on where life has offered us progress and follow it.

So I am asking you to make this promise to yourself:

Act on what you love. Do for whom and what you find yourself believing in ,and, if ever your heart stops believing- listen to it and stop doing. Think carefully about your life and plan it, but follow that which takes shape in your life organically and incorporate it into your plan.

Now this is a promise I can make and keep. It needs no greater shape to hold everything I need. I trust in this promise to fill my life with the hope, progress and the positive changes I seek.

My wish for you in 2008, is that this can be the promise you make, that will inspire and lead you towards the growth and change you seek, that while you may find challenging to always truthfully honor, you will find far easier than any other promise you have ever made on this day to keep.

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