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Make it Real

In Emotional Intelligence on December 28, 2007 at 11:44 am

During the holidays we all receive lots of cards and well wishes. One particular card I received caught my attention and I thought I would share it with you.

“We wanted to extend some seasonal thoughts and as a bonus a Christmas song appropriate to the closing of 2007, “Tryin, to Make it Real. Compared to what?”
Well compared to what Christmas really is.
It’s ours to seek, to find, to see, to make a difference.
Do we know the answers? We think so, but…
Make it real.

Life is not measured by seasonal sales, It doesn’t need derivatives to bring joy.
More square feet over your head only bring more stuff from way overseas;
It’s not a full stocking or a bottom line; and being able to pay taxes isn’t a sin but a privilege…
Make it real.

If you want religion stay out of politics. If politics is important stay out of religion.
And if you can’t lead, follow the best man. Seeking the wise is painful but our obligation, and our nature in this brief life is but to find joy.
Make it real.”

Make 2008 Real. Happy New Year.

Click here to listen to Tryin’ to Make it Real. Compared to what? with Less McCann Vocal and Piano, Eddie Harris Tenor Sax, and others at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Switerzland, June 1969.

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