Innovating Through Artistry

Enriching a Nation

In Entrepreneurial Tool Box, The Idea on December 8, 2007 at 11:58 pm

Want to support an artist in your community? Do you believe in the arts as a way a nation can be transformed? The Kiva Organization offers an opportunity to change the world through developing all forms of expression into entrepreneurial ventures in third world countries.

Through The Kiva Organization, you have the opportunity to sponsor an entrepreneur, in some of the poorest places in the world, through a micro loan. You can go to their site and read about a variety of individuals and their business ideas and choose who you wish to loan money to. Right now, all it takes is a $25.00 loan to begin to help that individual and, in time, besides being repaid, witness what a very small amount of money can do for their business.

I would like to see the same kind of program offered in The United States for emerging entrepreneurial artists. While we as a nation have never known the kind of poverty really, as the countries The Kiva organization supports, as I see it, artists in The United States struggle, often, like the poorest in our country. Poverty is a downward spiral that offers little way out without financial support and education.

Artists need far more of an education in financial management and micro-loan support to change their lives. Micro loans offer the kind of organic good will and just the right amount of financial backing to transform an idea into a reality. So many artists who have poor credit and are living hand to mouth could benefit.


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