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What do the 12 Days of Christmas Cost?

In Creative Support, The Idea on December 4, 2007 at 9:44 am

Every year bean counters come up with a figure of what the 12 Days of Christmas would actually cost the gift giver if you tallied up everything on the list. This year, buying every item mentioned in the carol, just once, will run you $19,507.

Purchasing each item every time it is mentioned in the song means a lot more partridges in pear trees and $78,100 on your charge card ($128,886 if you avoid the crowds and order online.) Kind of makes that new clarinet you have been wanting for Christmas seem downright reasonable, doesn’t it? Shucks! You can likely even justify that new flat screen TV to watch when you are not practicing.

But as an entrepreneur, I’m pretty sure I could turn the list into a profit center instead. School bands are a great source for affordable drummers drumming and there sure are a lot of them around. Check out where the pipers gather and here is an easy way to find eleven of them to play for a good deal. Of course your local dance studio has all the ladies dancing you will ever need and likely you can even find a few lords a leaping there too. And if you ask all of them to get together for a performance, this time of year, you can likely sell enough tickets to cover your costs and make a profit. God knows the concerts I have played lately have been to packed houses. Who doesn’t want to go to a concert this time of year?

But instead of real birds, I’d do chocolate versions instead~my true love would not want to spend the rest of his year cleaning out birdcages.

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