Innovating Through Artistry

A Calm Heart’s Work

In Emotional Intelligence on November 25, 2007 at 1:36 pm

Throughout my life I have noticed the times when my heart passionately flutters and the times my heart has beat in fear. As exciting as a fluttering heart can be, or as much motivation as a fearful one can produce, a calm heart is what brings me prosperity and peace.

It is only when my heart beat is steady that my being is basked in calm, which I have noticed time and time again allows me to both think rationally and work efficiently. I sleep better, eat better, work better and enjoy life more fully when I am calm- plain and simple.

It is easy to be in the arts and think that drama is good- regardless of what kind it is- because we are artists. Our creative juices can produce a lot of energy that we don’t know how to manage and becomes drama. But drama in the life of an artist is a lot like starting a business with too much money- it makes you do stupid things that can really harm or destroy your vision.

Yet I have met, unfortunately, a lot of artists who think that drama, and the pain it creates, helps them to produce their best work. Of course, many don’t ever say this in words, but instead through their actions.

If, as an artist, you already are creating good work with this much drama and pain in your life, what do you think the quality of your work would be like if you could create using prosperity and peace instead?

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