Innovating Through Artistry

Proverbs on People

In Entrepreneurial Tool Box, Risk on November 15, 2007 at 12:21 am

Three is Fine but Two Devine
Having too many co-founders makes decisions hard to reach. Being on your own eliminates that but you have to bear all of the stress and worry about how to make your company successful.

Work Only with People You Like and Believe In
If you are smart and creative chances are pretty good you are only going to be attracted to the same kinds of people. Working with people you like is far more productive because usually you enjoy their company. Don’t try to talk anyone into working with you, especially a co-founder or early employees. Find the people that naturally want to work with you and nudge them into the roles where you need them.

Great Ventures are Created By People Who Share a Passion
While you can spark someone’s passion, you cannot create it for them. Work with people who have a passion as great as yours.

Interesting Products are Meaningless without Great Needs
Design and create products or ideas that people need. Cool is cool, but not cool enough if no one needs it. Start with a need and fill it.

Build as Simply as Possible
Make the simplest possible product that makes a significant dent in what your target market needs. Simplicity leads to clarity in everything in life.

Solve Real Problems with Real People
You can waste a lot of time and money implementing solutions to problems that are not yet real or may ever have. Work on real problems that are creating immediate obstacles for you right now. Test those problems out on real people. Find them in Starbucks, the library or in your college computer lab. Give them a few dollars for a few minutes and you will be paid back hundred of times over from what you learn.

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