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Your Very Best Energy

In Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box on November 12, 2007 at 4:04 am

Yesterday I was on the phone with a new client. This particular client has asked me to help her initially find more time during the week to focus on building her business. For some period of time she has felt trapped and unable to make progress with her start-up venture because of her work schedule. It can feel like a catch 22. You need a paycheck to be able to support yourself and your start-up venture, but if you don’t have enough time to work on the venture, than you quickly can feel trapped.

In a typical week this hard working young lady works two entirely different job. One 3 day’s a week from 10 am to 4pm and the other 3 days a week from 3pm to 3am. Not only is she exhausted all of the time because of these dramatically different schedules, but it makes it impossible for her to find the quality extra time she needs to grow her fledgling business. It is very hard to be efficent and productive with whatever time you have available if you are always tired.

As we discussed the merits of each job, attempting to choose between the two schedules, my client revealed that she loves the job that is from 3pm to 3am the most. What she said next unlocked an important door to building her business: “I am a night person and do my best work late at night.”

If you are trying to build a business, but need to work a job while starting to do it, the job you choose must be something you can do on “auto-pilot”. It is extremely important it does not take from you your best energy. While this particular client can do this late night job on “auto-pilot”, it is robbing her of her best time of day to focus, work and think about her business.

It is essential that you choose to keep, for yourself, your very best energy to devote to building your business. No matter what schedule this might produce for you, make sure that you do not choose a job that requires you to give up the time of day that you are the most alert, focused and can give your very best towards building your future.

Regardless of if this requires you to choose a different less interesting job that allows you to make the money you need, or requires you to downgrade your lifestyle to be able to afford to take a job that pays less, focusing on what is important to you is a far better investment in your future than the few extra dollars you could make working in a dead-end job robbing you of your dreams.

Of course, you will also need to find some consistent time Monday through Friday, during normal business hours, 9 am to 5pm, to do the marketing and sales work your business needs. So make sure to find at least one day a week, consistently, that you can devote to this work during regular business hours. A potential client is far less likely to notice that you always call to see if they need your services or product on say a Thursday, if that is the only day you have available to call. No one but you needs to know that you are still working another job until your venture is strong enough to support more and more of your time.

Despite the strange schedule you might have to work, this strategy will allow you to build what you love to do into something that can support you, hopefully, all of the hours of your day. A job with a paycheck, even one you like, will never be more than just that.

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