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Happy Birthday: Your E.T.A. is Today!

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on November 1, 2007 at 5:39 am

Entrepreneur The Arts officially began one year ago today. My e.t.a. to help others Entreprener The Arts ( E.T.A.), began one year ago today with my very first blog post dated Nov 1, 2006.

This first year for E.T.A. has been a year of building. Happily, there are increasingly more of you beginning to become curious about your own journey to Entrepreneur The Arts, I believe, because of this blog, my speaking and soon my book.

In her opening dedication to her book, This Time I Dance, Tama Kieves wrote:

I dedicate this book to the part of myself that inched forward when a thousand winds blew and she had but one small pink birthday candle to hold up her wish.

I now dedicate this book and my life to that gleaming one and the one in all of us who listens to the music more than the reproach of the mind- and who dances as if the music were boisterous enough for all to hear- until of course it is.

And this blog is dedicated to that same part of myself with that same pink candle. It is also dedicted to you. My wish for each of you is that this is your year to trust the visions in your head enough, to begin to create an entreprenurial venture–a life as unique as you are. I wish for your e.t.a. to arrive.

Who knows, maybe one of you will join me in making today the day you write Miya LaBleu was Here. Now that would be one happy birthday gift.

Happy Birthday E.T.A. You are 1 years old today and I am blowing out the candle and making my wish!

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