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Art, Business and Community Unite

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Artist Petra Geiger is accustomed to making her uniquely designed handbags and selling them at art fairs around the country. She has done it for years. But in October of 2004, Geiger decided to try her hand at creating something new for the city of Atlanta: the first Beehive Co-op.

This retail space, home to 46 designers who rent whatever space they need – a table, shelf, or a boutique- is the first franchise of its kind. The designers individually sell their creations, ranging from paper to jewelry to cupcakes. All together these 46 designers provide a fresh new alternative to the big box mass-produced everything-looks-the-same stores that most of us are use to shopping inside of these days.

Geiger’s concept is taking off. Not only is she receiving a great deal of recognition in Atlanta, but with sales of more than $180,000 last year, and an expected growth rate of 20-30% in 2007, Geiger has decided she has a concept worth franchising.

“Our mission, simply put, is to nurture the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of emerging designers and provide them with new markets and opportunities for their products.”

Geiger started franchising in January of 2007 and hopes to open 2-3 locations each year. Geiger is looking for franchisees who can manage co-op space, market the concept and connect with their communities and local artists.

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