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Bite-Size Progress: October 07

In Entrepreneurial Tool Box, The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, The Idea, Writing on October 24, 2007 at 9:26 pm

For those of you wondering why I have not posted in awhile, I have been suffering from a really bad cold. Taking a few days off to rest is not easy for me, but I have felt poorly enough to not ignore following doctors orders. I am one of those that thrives being very busy, so it is hard for me to simply sit around.

Besides that, my agent, Susan Schulman, is finally sending off Build a Blue Bike to prospective publishers. She tells me in about six weeks we will know who is interested in buying it and then an auction will be held amongst the prospective interested parties. By Christmas my book should have a publisher. While impatient me wishes this was all happening sooner, all of this time is well needed to get back to working on the other projects I have begun.

Finally, The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble web site will be built. I have almost everything completed to put it up. It has been a complicated process building this not-for-profit venture, because I have had to sort out all of the various ways I want to use this concept and define where each part belongs. If you too are a creative person, than I am sure you also generate lots of good ideas. Most artistic/creative types do- sometimes by the minute. The trick is to figure out which ones are worth working on and which need to be set aside. I have had to sort out my concepts for Bite-Size in this same way.

One part of The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble will be the entrepreneurial band I take with me to schools to present my speech called Creative Value. Another part of The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble is building entrepreneurial artistic incubators, for students at institutions of higher learning, through my concept of building creative currency. Yet another part of The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, is my own entrepreneurial performing group, here in Chicago, that will showcase a diverse talent base of artistic entrepreneurs in an entertaining setting while providing a performance/showcase venue for myself and others.

One of the problems I have had developing my concepts for Bite-Size is that, as you can see, I have had so many ideas about what it can do, that I have had trouble sorting out where all of them purposefully belong. Each idea I found to have merit needed to find a proper place to work. One of my goals with this blog, is to help you see how I too struggle to sort out various parts of things I create. If you go back and look at other posts about Bite-Size you can see my struggle and progression.

Letting time pass to sort all this out has been a very good thing. It has allowed me to reflect and think about what really matters to me in life and how I can use my passion purposefully. I want the ventures I create to last a long time, so it is worth it to me to take the time to try and set them up to work for me and be well integrated in my life.

I hope you will take the time you need, with your very next great idea, to find a place for it to work in your life. Every moment you spend on it, try to figure out how it can shape who you are and what you can become.

The world is waiting for what only your creative gifts can offer. Leap and the net will appear…

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