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Hey Man, We’re Getting the Band Together

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on October 7, 2007 at 3:16 am

Things are really starting to come together. I will be headed down to University of Texas-Austin sometime in November to give my Creative Value Presentation.

In the next week I will be constructing, with 5 other musicians, the best musical frame to hang around my presentation, in the form of inspirational rock tunes that send positive commentary and clear messages about what the arts need, right now, to stop the art-forms we know, and have loved, from being strangled, shot or starved-to-death before our eyes.

Is it a coincidence, as we implode as “the creative class”, that we are IN the 21st century- a creative focused economy- which believes in the power of creativity to change the ways of the world? Or is it opportunity knocking on our door?

I think any one of us could have come up with the concept for My Space: a little piece of your own creative space, to share whatever you want with the world, on the internet. What is so innovative about that? Not much really– except that unlike the highly developed skilled creative talent of the creative class– the founders of My Space knew how to take their simple creative idea and create real economic value.

I think the only reason more of us don’t do this is because we don’t know how to.

We simply don’t know how to take the visions we see dancing in our heads, and make them economic engines that can take us anywhere we want to go.

So hey man, we’re getting the band together- finally.

I am so excited to be realizing some of my own visions that have danced like sugar plums in my own head. I can finally see them–they are knocking on my door.

I went shopping today to find my stage clothes for Creative Value. It was tricky finding things that looked professional but also allowed me to move freely in them so that I can build my bike and speak. I bought 2 sets of the same clothes, but when it came to my shoes, I struggled. The pair I liked was out of stock and not easily found. I decided to look again at those fashion designer sneeker’s. I found a great pair and bought them. When I asked about buying the second pair, the sales clerk told me that they had to send them to me from, the only other store that had them, Austin-Texas.

Is it a coincidence that the walking shoes I need, to give my Creative Value presentation, are waiting for me to be picked up in the same city I will walk in them for the very first time with the beat of the band?

Coincidence and Irony are the founding fathers of economic preparation. When they routinely show up, we are headed in the right direction. Where do they appear in your life right now? Follow them. They are calling your passionate entreprenurial name.

Isn’t it about time we find new ways forward to thrive as artists? Isn’t it about time we feel safe and whole and worthy enough to respect each others points of view, and work collaboratively to discover new creative and financially positive horizons? Everywhere I look, in the arts, these simple, but key, ingredients to economic success are missing.

I can hardly wait to get the band together and start to literally begin the drumming beat for my passionate cause. Are you ready to hear the beat? Come and join me on my mission. The band can always use another drummer…

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