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Build a Blue Bike

In Emotional Intelligence on June 30, 2007 at 2:44 pm

Imagine yourself on a stage with thousands of eyes watching your every move. In front of you is a box. On the box is a label that reads – Blue Bicycle. With the audience staring, you have been asked to put the blue bicycle together. At first you are not sure what to do; should you try and put it together or not? After all, you have never put a blue bicycle together before.

You decide to try, so you dump the blue bicycle parts out onto the floor of the stage without any idea where to begin. As all the moving parts of the blue bicycle surround you, you seek reassurance and look out into the eyes of the audience starring right back at you. You feel a twinge of panic, but you decide to proceed building the blue bicycle.

It takes you longer than you imagine to find, amongst all those parts, the most obvious- the handles. You quickly attach to the frame, but you make mistakes assembling the gears and feel like you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast. When the chain won’t properly engage the gear, you wonder if you will ever have a bike to ride. Thank God the wheels go on easiest, and the lug nuts attach without a problem. But then, in your haste, whenyou put the seat on backwards, the audience laughs, and you feel really foolish. Oh and the pedals, you almost forgot to attach them entirely, but you do.

In the end, you step back. Before your eyes and the eyes of of those watching you, you have built the blue bicycle, which you are now free to ride anywhere you wish to go.

Build A Blue Bike
Ride Your Artistic Blues To Creative and Financial Freedom

This is my new “agent approved” title for my book, and the above passage was taken from it. I am on my own blue bike building adventure right now, and you can be too. It’s fun to build something that you can ride.

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