Innovating Through Artistry

Exploiting Your Extremes

In The Idea on June 6, 2007 at 12:22 pm

Whatever is outrageously intense, funny, endearing, aggravating, stirring, awakening, or that which you obsess about~ deserves a chance to be exploited to its fullest. Great entrepreneurs are great explorers of their extremes– changing them into revenue producing, life enhancing virtues.

At your core are all the tools you need to financially free you– if you trust in it.

Trust in it by testing its capacity and meaning to others until you find it resonates with most.

My extremes lie in my endless pursuit of solving puzzles, exposing new things in people and in their potential that they might not trust, see or believe through my passionate desire to see the world of artistic pursuits change. Change of minds about what is possible. Change in mood about the viability of the arts. Change in attitudes about what should be taught to artists and why its so important. Changes of life choices. Change that provokes growth, self awareness, truth and a place for every artist to carve out a spot that is uniquely theirs and stand financially strong.

In my heart I know I am a catalyst, in my purest state, and this is the subject matter that most moves me.

If you get to the truth about who you really are, at your core, you have found the extreme thing about you to exploit as an entrepreneur. Creativity is most easily expressed when you allow yourself to become curious and explore the potential of your extremes instead of annoyed, embarrassed, or whatever emotion they incite.

I found my first form of expression as a catalyst through hand selecting clarinets for other musicians. I see my instrument selection process as selling passionate pursuits inside of a case. Getting the instrument is just the added bonus. I help my customers soar to new creative and artist heights by finding them the right new clarinet. Every time I help someone the experience produces high octane fuel for me; giving me the energy to take a risk and see what else my extreme can produce.

My writing and speaking is a result of my taking the next step- a new risk- to express my desire to change the arts and be the catalyst I am.

Yeah, I know~ It’s hard to let it all hang out– let alone be extreme.

But the richness in life comes when that extreme thing you do, see or feel, becomes your driving force in life and exposes for others the richness it offers them.

The more others see your passion the more likely your work is to be valued –and like a magnet, the right people, situations, opportunities and financial rewards will come to help your life feel full of creative effort and financially whole.

Bur first you must risk exploiting your extremes for that to happen.


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