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Cyber Space Music Making

In The Idea, WEBSITES & BLOGS on May 21, 2007 at 1:34 pm

Imagine if John had never met Paul, or another Paul had never met Art. Well, these days online-jamming Web sites are making it easier for thousands or even millions of would-be Lennons and McCartneys or Simons and Garfunkels to collaborate — without ever meeting each other in person.

On one such site,, “Peace & Hate,” a song by a group called The Submarines, is being modified by other users. Anyone who fancies themselves a musician can go in, press a “remix” button, and add their own tracks or make their own version out of the same parts.

Jamglue is one of half a dozen new sites where musicians can meet and compose and play together.

We certainly have seen how people are now buying music over the internet but we really have not seen a lot of music being created on the internet up until now.

On a site called you can literally plug a guitar into your computer and start playing in real time with somebody in another city in real time.

Just think of how many musicians can collaborate through meeting musically on line? Think of how many great new bands can be formed or virtually any kind of musical ensemble with all the musicians living in different parts of the world? There is also so much potential for these kinds of sites to become virtual recording studio’s; creating all kinds of new potential business opportunities and ways to use your creativity.

The possibilities are endless. Check it out.

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