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Dream Big, Step Small

In The Idea on April 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm

Dreams are really important. Life is about envisioning possibilities. In fact, the clearer your dreams are- the more real they become to you. So go ahead! Imagine your dream job, dream life, dream date, dream ANYTHING and EVERYTHING; but imagine it each time in GREATER detail.

In fact, work on trying to imagine every step of your dream; expanding the details of how you might get there until you see the path there. Tell others about how you think you can get there so it becomes more real or write it all down in a journal and refer back to it frequently.

If you can see it, you can be it. The more vividly it appears in your mind, the easier it is to achieve.

But you can never get to any really great spot in life quickly.

It takes time. Lots of time.

Which means if you can see the next 10 steps in front of you, to get to the next frame of your dream sequence, you will be all that much closer to achieving what you dream.

I just came back from another trip to Buffet late last night after another 4 hour flight delay yesterday evening from Jacksonville Florida. Every time I take the 5 pm flight home it’s delayed hours.

Anyway, I spent yesterday morning on the beach walking, my day trying/buying clarinets and then all night in the airport going over and over the speech I am building for my key note presentation on May 4th; and for future presentations.

I think building my speech has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Up until this past year, for the last 15 years, while I have never had trouble speaking in small groups, teaching, or running a meeting with staff at my company; speaking to a large group has been a big challenge for me. Ask me to play something on the clarinet and I would have no problem at all. But speak to a large group? Up until now, it was something I would never sign up to do.

But you see speaking to others, and the more the better, is key to realizing my dreams. I simply must do it and it needs to become easy for me to do.

Who ever said dreaming big was easy?

Today I am taking another small step forward and speaking at a conference at The Illinois Institute of Technology on building inter disciplinary teams in an entrepreneurial environment. It’s pouring rain here in Chicago today. I get to drive into the city in it, walk around a campus I am unfamiliar with in it, all for the opportunity to speak to a group of people I do not know at all. I can’t say these are my favorite things but it’s on days like today, when I feel like I am not sure I can really do this, that I am so thankful I have dreams to reach for.

So I am going to dream big today and step small.

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