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In Creative Support, Emotional Intelligence on April 22, 2007 at 1:26 pm

evolution.jpgThis past week has been a magical week for me. Besides the possibility of landing my dream literary agent, former chief editor of the NY Times Publishing Group, and editor in chief of the NY Times Book Review, some other really interesting things happened.

First off, the poem I wrote, It’s A Fine Line, has now been set to music. I recorded it about two weeks ago and we mixed it last week. It’s cool. As soon as I figure out how to put an MP 3 file up on my blog, you’ll hear it. WordPress has been acting up lately and things are not running behind the blogging scene so smoothly, so I have hesitated to take any more time messing with it.

Anyway, I recorded this poem because it will be on my first solo CD; which I plan on having role out with my book. It’s going to be a collection of music and poetry set to music. I think I am going to call it creative (r)evolution.

Yes you can as an artist evolve. You can also turn your evolution into a revolution and change the world with your art instead of wait for someone to think your work is cool and worth paying for. Marketing is everything. Positioning your product is everything. Knowing who you are well enough and being strong enough to do just that is everything.

I also had another really cool thing happen this week. Some big named orchestral clarinetist, who I have not spoken to in a really long time, called me up and we had an exceptionally nice chat. It was lovely.

When your skies are blue and life is throwing you a bone, sit outside in the beautiful spring air, with the lake breeze swooning around you like a dashing beau, and enjoy it. Oh, and the bone too.


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