Innovating Through Artistry


In Emotional Intelligence, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, Legal on March 29, 2007 at 3:23 am

Ya know this whole mess with Entrepreneur Media could be something that weighs me down. But it’s really not.

It’s because I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason- a GOOD reason- if you are enough of an explorer to uncover the GOOD reason.

Over the past week, I have met via phone and email at least 3 others who have experienced the wrath of EMI. I have learned from each of those individuals something valuable: about their business, what they value, their drive, energy and passions. This negative thing has afforded me the opportunity to, be it brief, see a snapshot of what it’s like to be another passionate entrepreneur.

I also received a call from a customer of mine, who seems to know the owners and offered to try and help ( great karma if nothing else).

The outcome of your life and your livelihood stems far more from what comes from your heart than what your brain and mind can ever tell, convince, insist or decide for you.

We often try and hide what is deep inside our hearts hoping it won’t show easily through. All too often we manage to allow our intellect to try and strangle the illogical, polarizing hold, that our heart has on our desires. But, by allowing our brains to run the show, we are not allowing ourselves the benefits that come from letting our passions hang out in plain view.

Yeah, I know it’s hard to want to let it all hang out. We come off as being extreme around or about something…

But what it attracts to you is far more valuable personally, professionally and financially.

Adversity is part of life and sometimes great adversity hits us when we least wish it to, feel able to handle it, expect it or deserve it. It’s really OK to stand in pain, in plain view, and vote for change with your heart and passion.

Try it. You might find, at a bare minimum, good karma surrounding you.

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