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What Can A Little Press Do?

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, Legal on March 14, 2007 at 1:21 am

Well it seems that one tactic to fight Entrepreneur Magazine (EMI), might be to let the public know what EMI is doing to small start ups who use the word Entrepreneur and seek to trademark their slogan.  I  have decided to see if I can draw some interest in the topic, from a variety of media, who might be willing to run some articles on the topic to at least make everyone aware of their frivolous lawsuits and bullying tactics.

It is a real shame to see a magazine, that is supposedly devoted to helping young entrepreneurs and start ups, which I subscribe to actually, being so focused on hurting the very cause they claim so voraciously to support.  What a facade really, don’t you think? Their pro small business philosophy is clearly something that their marketing department creates to attract the 56 million dollars worth of paid advertising.

While I certainly did not see this problem coming my way, now that it is here, I intend to do the most I can with it to expose it to as many as possible, as accurately as possible, to ensure that others are informed, as well as to hopefully let public opinion continue to swell on the actions of Entrepreneur Media.

Removing words from the English language for the sole purpose of one company, and their profiteering, is simply unacceptable. Unlike the word escalator or cellophane, which started out as made up words by the company’s that created each, and both of whom where eventually forced to loose their trademark status because those made up words became the only word to describe those items– the word Entrepreneur was not a word created by Entrepreneur Magazine and clearly should not belong to them.

Keep the word Entrepreneur Free because it belongs to everyone who is one, wants to be one or will become one.

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