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Perfect Pitch

In WEBSITES & BLOGS on January 29, 2007 at 3:20 pm

While investigating the cause of a mysterious death, epidemiologist, Dr. Sergio Petri will enter a complex web linking a father he never knew, his half brother, and an irresistible and beautiful woman with a disturbing past. The case that bring him to Long Island’s unique society known as The Hamptons will reveal a decade old act of vengeance, and cause terror and panic among the Hampton’s wealthy and influential residents.

A series of events from the formation of land masses millions of years ago to mistakes made in postwar Italy, abandoned love, unexplained water pollution, and the discovery of one man’s revenge on a New World that destroyed him come together in a tale of three generations of an extraordinary family. A family in which no one is what they seem and everyone has something to protect…

And the rest of this story will unfold from Jazz Clarinetist by night, Periodontist by day, and new author, Ron Odrich, in his first novel “Perfect Pitch.”

Oriana Fallaci, a world renowned Pulitzer Prize winning author whose recent work includes “The Force of Reason” and ” The Rage of Pride”, had this to say about Ron’s novel Perfect Pitch:

“Ron likes to say that Perfect Pitch abounds with indecent characters: people who an author should be ashamed of. So, I feel the necessity of reminding him that in moving from periodontics and from music into the risky waters of story telling he has put his hands on the most fascinating reality of novels; their characters never identify or necessarily identify with their creator. They, the characters may turn out to be quite terrible…”

Oriana Fallaci went on to say this about the creative process: “Creativity is like love: it may sprout from logical reasons as well as from irrational impulses. But one thing is certain: Novel characters live their own personal life, and the writer can only do what they want. He (or she) simply is the instrument, which puts in words their thoughts and their actions. Whether he or she like it or not.”

Check out Perfect Pitch— its a worthy and interesting read.

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