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What is Success?

In Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box on January 21, 2007 at 10:17 am

Success is achieved by the way you live, what you say, how you dream, what you know is true, and how you know how to live with serenity in this world. It’s not just about achieving a certain status in the artistic world or as an entrepreneur.

You often hear how certain people have become an overnight success. They have become an overnight success for the individuals who are just hearing about them. But to others, the journey to success often comes with many years of hard work, discipline, tenacity and belief in yourself that you can and will achieve all that you desire. There are different levels of success and wherever you are is perfectly fine.  

It’s still all about the choices we make in life and how true we are to ourselves and committed to our personal journey.

Different people often say to me, “But, oh you’re so lucky.” I often tell them that luck has nothing to do with it. The word “lucky” signifies that an individual meets or acquires success through accidental good fortune. Success definitely isn’t an accident; it’s a winding, thought-provoking journey. It is one that requires hard work, dedication, long days, long nights, sacrifices, and an amazing belief that it can be done.  

The journey of success also requires that I have a group of positive people around me. These people tell the truth no matter what, and they give constructive criticism on any issue. I expect no less from them and they expect the same from me. They are a group of family, friends, and colleagues who believe in me. These people believe in my vision, that my success has wings, and that I can do the right thing towards achieving that success.  

Most successful people have a mindset of thinking of doing the impossible and achieving what others have deemed impossible. That’s really what entrepreneurship is about: going where you see opportunity and others do not.  Achieving success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start at your beginning wherever your beginning is. Depending upon what you want to do, only you know what those beginning blocks are and the kind of help you need to begin.

It is when you understand what kind of help you need to build something solid on, that those building blocks begin to form and take shape.Your journey begins to unfold before you ­week after week, month after month, ­ year after year. With hard work, dedication, and resiliency, you make your success happen.  

Sure, it is a marvelous accomplishment to have artistic and/or entrepreneurial success. But it is absolutely essential for you to have inner-peace success.

Know who you are. Learn what your destiny is towards humanity. Know your purpose and soak in your happiness of loving yourself. It is crucial.

After long hard days, you must like the person you see when you look in the mirror. If you don’t, all your outward success is worth absolutely nothing.

In order to be successful, you definitely have to think outside the box of conformity. Being successful doesn’t mean you always land on your feet at first. If you fall down, know you can always get up. And know, it’s never too late.   You always have an opportunity to change the world!

  1. It is easy to be a “succesful entrepreneur” with your hubby’s money. Lisa, explain this kind of success at the IIT conference on Thursday.

  2. Just for the record, Jennifer,
    I have always made more money than any husband I have every had! I have done it the old fashioned way; I have earned it.

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