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Bite-Size Progress: January 07

In The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble on January 8, 2007 at 7:59 pm

Yesterday afternoon I drove downtown, into Chicago, to play clarinet duets with a fellow clarinetist, who is both a multi-millionaire, in his mid 30s, as well as a passionate creative entrepreneur. I met him through a friend of mine and pursued getting to know him because I thought he was very interesting and that we likely had a lot of common interests with both clarinet and entrepreneurship in our background as passions.

Russ Rosenzweig started out pursuing music, clarinet, as a life pursuit and was not sure what to do with it so instead he built a business bringing expert witnesses to trials all around the world. His business is called The Round Table.

Russ is very creative and interested in the concept of developing more creative artistic people to be entrepreneurial. He has expressed to me, a few times now in fact, how much he wished he knew me when he was trying to figure out how to make a good living with the clarinet. Fortunately, his passion for seeing the arts thrive remains with him to this day.

Besides getting to know him, and enjoying playing some duets with him yesterday, I asked Russ if he would host a fund raiser, one of several, this spring, to raise money for The Bite Size Arts Ensemble’s production development costs. He enthusiastically agreed.

Bite-Size artists, Ralph Wilder from The Ralph Wilder Orchestra, Steve Wolf, Major League Models, Tony Dale, Drummer extraordinaire (read Borat and Death of a President post), also all gathered at my home, over this past weekend, to continue our dialogue about building a production to take with me on the road to universities across the country. Our mission is to build a production that will involve the community, both inside and outside the school body, and accompany my speaking, starting in, I hope, Fall of 2007.

The development of any production, creative work or anything that is artistic is always a messy process. The bigger the vision of it is, the messier it gets!

The four of us got together to brain storm and found that our ideas were flying everywhere. We were careful not to discard or judge any idea, but instead focus on twisting each one into a new shape and viewing them from every imaginable direction; to gleam their merit and dimension.

We are making some great headway but nothing concrete yet to report.

We are still looking for a bass player and we hope to find the right someone who is hopefully female, college age and perhaps someone who is into film, radio or theater.
If you have any doubt that I am indeed building a bicycle in front of you that I have never built before, know that like you, I face uncertainty, a myriad of options and possibilities and unknowns… and I love it!

I knowingly work in this arena most often because it is both personally and professionally exhilarating and I fundamentally believe that if you follow your heart, and trust your gut, the right things will come to you if you pursue passionately and plan accordingly.

  1. Russ is not in his 40’s. He is only 36

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