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Ding-Dong, Ring-Ring or A Christmas Ode for Dr. Seuss

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2006 at 6:45 am


Ding- dong, Ring- ring

all the bells are RING-ING!!

People are shuffling and cash registers open-ing, Boy! all those entrepreneurs are “hope-ing”…

All those people out there, being “customers”,

AND  BUYING stuff up!  &^!#$


They shop and don’t stop 



just what could THEY POSSIBLY BE THINKING???


Inside every customer

is a mind that is

Thinking ….



THINKING  To fill     IT’s    own voids,

and center it’s Be-ING.


Customers buy to be happy, and satisfy their worth.

AND customers especially treasure artists, for their gifts, BLESSED at birth.


we love, we laugh,  we cry, WE REWIND……!!!

We harden, we age, we narrow, WE WHY????


Ding-Dong, Ring-Ring, Customers are near-ing! 

Take niche to find thrive, hurry up, there’s hardly much more time!

GO AHEAD, follow your signs and give your customer a ride– 

On the ART WAVE  you know, well.


The one  YOU CAN RIDE!! 

You ride to find niche for your customers, who will buy!!! 

What they pay for is, YOU, to teach them to GLIDE. 

To glide on the ride that, YOU KNOW how to drive.


The one, that produces, their own version of 

YOU KNOW WHO????????


We RIDE. We thrive. THEY Ride. They GLIDE.

We all, simply enjoy… as we all simply drive.  


But do you remember the day, that you found your art, AND IT waved????????  It TICKLED your funny bone, as your hand rose, calling  FOR YOU,



Go Dancer and Painter, Go CartoonIST and VisionIST .

Go off in your sleigh with A Plan,

BECOME An Artistic Mission-IST!!


Your future,  it awaits you, its only begun.

Your art wave will take you, anywhere,

quite far

and far flung!! 

… long as you ride it, AND SHOW OFF  ITS FUN!  


To Yonder and Listen and Dreams and Great VisionISTS; your patrons, are waiting for you…..remember to visit us! 

Ding-dong, Ring-ring, my poem is nearly all rung!

Take the arts to a future you and your customers will find, life

OH, SOOOO MUCH richer.  

Merry Christmas, Dr. Seuss; you’re a missionIST—and my hero 

from a patron, gliding,

AND  sent with love.

  1. I wish, for Christmas, I could figure you out. You gave me a start in sales. I have made the most of it and earn many time my wildest dreams in income. I hope other folks you have been associated with have made similar gains after having parted ways with you.

    I can’t decide if you are a genuis or just insane. The two can appear to be so much alike.

    I learned a lot from you and you are frequently in my thoughts.

    Peace Lisa. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really mean it.

    Jay Cohen

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