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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

In Entrepreneurial Tool Box on December 7, 2006 at 1:57 pm

mag.jpegIn an effort to understand entrepreneurs better, researchers have sought to define traits common to a majority of individuals who start and operate new ventures. John Hornaday of Babson College was among the first to use surveys and intense interviews to develop a composite list of entrepreneurial traits. Here is his list of traits:

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

• Self-confident and optimistic
• Able to take calculated risk
• Respond positively to challenges
• Flexible and able to adapt
• Knowledgeable of various markets
• Able to get along well with others
• Independent minded
• Versatile knowledge
• Energetic and diligent
• Creative, need to achieve
• Dynamic leader
• Responsive to suggestions
• Take initiative
• Resourceful and persevering
• Perceptive with foresight
• Responsive to criticism

How many of the above traits do you have? While some of them are subjective in scope, many of these are crystal clear and demonstrable from one’s actions. I also believe that most of the traits on this list, are not something intrinsic to our personality, but are in fact something we can choose to do or choose to be.

Our behavior, largely, is a choice.

A great entrepreneur knows that choosing most of the behaviors listed above, allows for one to know who they are increasingly better, as time passes, and also allows for growth.

For me, one of the benefits to being an entrepreneur 24/7, and not just an artist, is (don’t laugh now) I am a Gemini, and true to a Gemini’s form, I get bored easy. I don’t like that I do, and if I could change it about myself I would, but it’s truly part of who I am.

However, being an entrepreneur, allows me continuous personal growth, development of new relationships and learning about new things I know little about; which doesn’t allow time for me to be bored. I have become a master of marketing, finance, managing others, sales, and accounting, create something from nothing, while using my artistic creativity as the foundation.

What’s appealing about being an entrepreneur to you?

  1. Your passage in to responding is much more user friendly…..!
    You sound very confident…. and you do know what you are talking about…..the list of characteristics of an entrepreneur are so true.
    I’m going back to your blog to keep reading.

  2. Many people make transition from employee to entrepreneur every year. Most of them fail because they are not ready to change. It is on a different league when you are working and starting your own business. I have noticed several important point you have to consider before becoming an entrepreneur.

  3. Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog.

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