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Money, Abundance and a Creative Life

In Creative Support on November 21, 2006 at 3:37 am

Money, Money, money. We can’t live without it. The amount of money we make defines what we can afford to buy and how we can afford to live. Having money can help us to feel protected, powerful and capable while not having money can leave us feeling insecure, vulnerable or less capable.

Money challenges us, can define us and complicates our lives by being so necessary.  

Money is also, often, a topic we avoid sharing with others, because we are afraid of being judged if we talk about how much we have or don’t have, what we want it for, or how we use it. As a result we often don’t learn from others use of money, but instead are left to use our judgements, to decide how we feel about its various uses.

While money is something artists often think they can do with out, thinking about ways to make more money as an artists is always a good idea. Lets face it- the more money you make the more choices you have over where you live, how you live, and what in life you can choose to support with the money you have.

Around Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the things in our life that bring us abundance.  Building a life you love, that includes a financial plan that you love, together will bring you abundance in your career.

If you don’t have a reason to give thanks for your current situation then use this time to give thanks for recognizing that, and committing to yourself to find a creative way to change your situation into one that sustains you financially and nourishes you creatively.

Use this next year, starting now, to measure your growth and change.

It does not matter what stage in life you are at; in school, 5, 10 or 20 years out of school; start where ever you are, and begin to embrace yourself, your passions and what you financially need, and begin to move yourself forward. Moving forward is never comfortable at any stage because it means you are growing and changing. Take comfort in knowing that.

Writing a book is new creative experience for me and I have had plenty of uncomfortable moments planning it creatively as well as planning it financially. Yet I am here to tell you that my struggles have produced, already, riches beyond my imagination in so many directions;  through new acquaintances, new ideas, new interests, new venues, and so much more; since my ideas became cemented to write this book this past June.

Now with the book basically finished, and a second already mapped out, I feel I am on a whole new creative adventure that has depth and plenty of room for me to creatively grow.

For that I give thanks.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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