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It’s cold outside

In Emotional Intelligence, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, The Idea on November 2, 2006 at 1:33 pm

lenny.jpegdscn0709.JPGI woke up this morning to my usual routine of taking my 2 lovely dogs out for their usual jaunt to find it to be unbelievably cold outside!  I have had an unusual year this year, getting sick with nasty colds more often then I have in the past 15 combined!

This past year has been about significant changes in my life and stress that goes along with that. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, my life has transformed into something quite  remarkably different.

I have gone from running a large business with over 50 employees and 4 locations to running a small business from home and starting a life as an author. I am in the middle of my new creative venture of writing a book and learning about that creative process. My book is about entrepreneurship and the ingredients a person needs in the core of their personality to be creative and financially succesful and able to sustain it!

Its a hands on guide about how to blend all those creative ideas we creative types have into something we are deeply passionate about and can make us a great living doing it!  It IS actually possible– I know- its been my life since before I graduated from  Northwestern University.

I must say that learning to do new creative things is really fun, especially when you are truly motivated by them. It is and has always been a true passion of mine to help artists financially flourish. This “starving artist”,  die for your art stuff, has never appealed to me and definitely brought out my desire to see more benefit like I have.

Besides my husband Chuck, the 2 most important creatures in my life are my dogs, Scooby and Lennon. Lennon is the black and white Jack Russell Terrier. His nicknames are Pistol and Spit Fire. He is both. Never seen a dog run faster or faster away from you! He is a bolt-er. We have only had him for 2 months and he definitely is in training!! Scooby is my first dog. I resuced him just about 3 years ago. He is a Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepard Mix and the SWEETEST boy on the planet. A really good listener. An important skill for an entrepreneur to have too!

Thanks for reading today’s post.

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